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The Federal Act on Employment Services and Service Leasing regulates private employment agencies and temporary recruitment services.

Its purpose is to protect job-seekers and hired workers, and to this end it provides that :

  • Anyone who intends to carry out, on a regular basis and for a fee, the activity of an usher, which consists of bringing employers and jobseekers into contact, needs a licence to carry out private placement.

  • Anyone who hires workers and makes them available to clients for the performance of work assignments (the main case of application is temporary agency/temporary work) requires a licence to engage in the hiring of services for this purpose.

The granting of authorisations depends on the fulfillment of conditions and is linked to certain obligations. Companies that carry out placement and temporary recruitment services in Switzerland must apply for a licence from the authority of the canton in which they are established. If they also wish to engage in cross-border activities, they must also have a federal licence issued by SECO.

SECO also acts as the supervisory authority for the cantonal authorities implementing the licence.

SECO and the cantons keep an electronic record of the companies that are duly authorised to engage in private placement or rental of services.   

Syentys holds the licences to carry on these activities.